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Repair Beogram 1202 lid

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lajetee posted on Thu, Jun 27 2019 9:00 PM


This is my first post so please forgive any netiquette faults!

I work as a volunteer in a Repair Cafe. A client recently brought in a Beogram 1202 turntable that wasn't working. I fixed the whole motor/arm combo and it is now working.

They also showed me the (half-disassembled) lid that they had. I (foolishly?) offered to try and fix that too. I find that there are two, handed, long (torsion bars?) that, I guess, counterbalance the lid as it's being opened. I can't see how they fit. There is a clamp in the frame that enables the bars to be inserted by sliding the pins in. They can be inserted in 'Pin up' or 'Pin down' mode. Which? Does Torsion bar A go left or right? How does the torsion bar fit into the end plate?And, finally, why are the little washers - that do go on the torsion bars - strangely slotted. I'm puzzled! Can anyone help? Thank you very much.

I have pictures that make all this much clearer, but Beoworld doe not seem to allow pictures to be attached to posts. Sorry.

George May

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Hi there

I cannot help you with the lid - but ofcourse you can attach pictures. Wink
If you read some of the other postings, you can see that many users are attaching pictures to their posts...

When you write a post, click at the icon "Insert media" - you will then see a pop-up window where you can choose between media "from site" or "from URL".
If you choose "from site" you'll have to have uploaded your pics to your profile first. 

Hope this was useful.


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Daan replied on Wed, Sep 25 2019 9:17 AM

EDIT I just noticed how old this is... Sleep Need more coffee....


Try the link below for a 3000. The cover should be the same, and at the end it shows you how it should be Smile

If you have broken hinges, or if they are not re-inforced, I would recommend you do so, as they seem to crack. Mine had one good and one broken hinge, and even the good one already started showing hairline cracks.


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Hello George May,


The original Beogram 1202 lid has no hinge you probably have a beogram 3000 lid on it, or a 2000 if it’s black, both of which do fit the Beogram 1202 perfectly.


The easiest solution would be replacing the dust cover there are new reproduction 1202 type dustcovers available.


But the video link covers rebuilding the hinged type there are many point where those lids break they should be handeled with lots of care.


Best Regards Alistair 

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