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Beolab 50 and Turntables - Is the sound digitised

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Epsilon20 posted on Thu, Jun 27 2019 3:19 PM

Hi Guys, I've been offered a LINN Sondek LP12 at a great price to use with my Beolab 50s  and considering buying it however. The Beolab 50s and more recent speakers  as i understand it is a digital speaker and if i were to connect the turntable to the speakers via the phono in (first through a phono stage) the speaker would digitise the sound which takes away the whole reason of getting a Turnable /analogue source.

Am i correct in thinking that turntables with B&O systems of recent times 17s, 18s, 20,50's & 90s is pointless if you want an analogue sound? I hope not Crying 

I've already bought Vinyls and was about to pay for the Linn sondek which is an absolutely beautiful and great sounding turntable.

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Hi Geoff

What Millemissen said is correct, and thanks for that MM. I posted several times on here and pm’ed you(geoff) twice I think(within a few mins of your post) and tried to post on the thread but nothing seems to pop up. I don’t know what’s going on..Huh?

So yes, one of my email adresses is:

Thank you both!


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Geoff Martin
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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for dropping some knowledge on us, I stand corrected in my assumption.

May I ask though, why does the product page on the website list lab 50's as having 1 dsp and the lab 90's as having two of them? And what's the difference there?

Also in both whitepapers the dsp' are listed as the same in both speakers at the same frequency but when you look up the part nr the ones in the 90's run at 450Mhz vs 400Mhz in the 50's, is this a copy paste thing or are they the same?

Thank you in advance!


The reason the 50 has 1 DSP and the 90 has 2 is firstly due to the fact that the 90 has more than twice the number of loudspeaker drivers and therefore needs to do more processing.

In addition to this, in the 90, part of the audio processing is actually running 2 times in parallel - sometimes... This is so that, when you switch from one directivity to another (say, narrow to wide), for a short time, both directivities are being simultaneously calculated in the DSP and the loudspeakers crossfade smoothly from one to another. In comparison, in the 50, when you change between directivities, the loudspeakers fade out, load the new coefficients, and fade back in - so there's a "break" in the sound.

Regarding the differences in clock speeds, the answer is "I don't know". It's probably due to system optimisation by the SW & HW teams. If there is an error anywhere, it's probably in the Technical Sound Guide. (that's the problem with being the writer and the editor... it's harder to see your own mistakes than it is to admit you even make them in the first place...) I'll check on this and, if it's an error, fix it for the next release of the document.



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