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Connectivity questions

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Marcel posted on Wed, Jun 12 2019 8:01 AM

Dear B&O members,

may I ask for your help?

I have several B&O equipment in 1 livingroom, till yet notthing is connected.

  • BC3200 with BL2500 mk1
  • BV7-40 mk3 at motorstand
  • BL 7.4 at the BV7-40
  • 2x BL6000 with PL connection
  • 2x BL Penta mk3
  • 2x Beo4 with SAT button

What I like to see working is that all BL speakers can be used for listning music from the BC3200 and if i want to see TV, all BL can be used for TV sound

the BL 6000 will be set as rearspeakers, the Penta as front and the BL7.4 as center.

I still have to buy all Speakercables (PL 8 pins wired)

Main question is:

  • how can I make and realize this setup?
  • Can I use TV volume adjustable over the BC3200?
  • How do I connect everything for a working setup?

If I’m not gave you you all clear information, please just asked me for more input.

As I am complete new with B&O I have totaly no expertise in everything, so my excuses for the inconvinience.

I thank you all for yur kind help and info in advance.


Marcel (Netherlands) 

Kind regards, vriendelijke groet, herzliche Grüsse,



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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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The cable workshop, Leics, UK
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Hi Marcel,

Welcome to Beoworld!  Yes, you can easily get everything working, with full control from the Beo4 remote.

Please connect all the speakers to the TV with Powerlink cables.  For the Beolab 7.4, 2500 and 6000 speakers, you can use mk.3 Powerlink cables:-

For the Beolab Penta speakers, please use fully wired Powerlink mk.2 cables to get the speaker displays working:-

Please link the Beosound 3200 to the TV with a Masterlink cable, then you can play CD and radio to all speakers via the TV, with full control of the volume:-

Please ask if you have any questions.

Kind regards, Steve.


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