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BeoCenter 6-23 PIN issue

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Jeff posted on Tue, Jun 11 2019 9:15 PM

Hello to all,

Thanks in advance of any assistance.

I have recently purchased a few small TV's from ebay.  Two of these have PIN codes set and the previous owner/seller didn't know the codes.

I used the Mastercode on the BeoCenter 6-23 to gain access to the TV and make some initial checks.  The unit was working well with a Freeview box connected to a Scart AV socket on Friday evening.  I watched the TV for most of the evening and turned it off after I'd finished.
On Saturday morning I unplugged the TV from my bench.
This evening (Tuesday) I reconnected the TV to the mains.
The machine asks for the PIN (which I've not got), so I enter into the Mastercode area and enter the Mastercode PIN, however this time the response is incorrect PIN.

I'm now unsure if the Mastercode PIN can only be used once, so could someone perhaps please give me some advice?

Many thanks


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