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What material is the silver finish on IR Eye?

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samsp posted on Mon, May 27 2019 7:27 PM

I purchased an IR eye off eBay, and its a bit pitted and scratched. I am wondering what material the shiny part is? Is it aluminum that I could sand and polish, or plastic that will then look like $#![?

Actually the same question holds for the tops of beolab 4000 & 6000’s. Can those be refinished with multiple grades of sand paper, polish and a Dremel?

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The IR is aluminum, and the surface is created in a lathe, it looks cool but the topology of the surface makes it very prone to damage!

NO, you cannot in any way restore the surface of anodized aluminum and make it last! Try polishing a coke can!

What you can do and what I did with the IR eye is sand it down and the paint it. Remember sheet aluminum is tricky to sand and polish!

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