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Beocenter 2200 tape stopping

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VintageStuff posted on Sat, May 18 2019 12:02 PM

I'm new to the forum so not sure if this should be started here.. but I have recently acquired a beocenter 2200 which is all working fine apart from the tape.

The cassette belts are in good order, but it is behaving very strangely. It will play, RR or FF fine- but only for about 2 secs, then it cuts out! Can anyone suggest what may be the problem? Can repeat this over and over again- always stops after about 2 seconds.Thank you

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Dillen replied on Sat, May 18 2019 12:22 PM

There is a small belt for the motion sensor.
It's not apparent when you look at the drive, because it sits under the tape bay floor.
Have you checked this belt?


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