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Beovision 7-40 & Beosound 2300 pr beolab 8000 mkii

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turn007 posted on Wed, May 15 2019 10:24 AM

Hi there

Need some help with the following dilemma! 

I am considering purchasing a Beovision 7-40 to replace my Panasonic full HD plasma 42”. I am wondering if this would be a wise choice to make?  

Picture quality on the Beovision should be even better than the Panasonic? 

This Beovision is a Mk1, if i connect sky Q to it would the picture then be in 1080P has anyone else tried this?  Would you notice the difference if not full HD?

I currently have a Beosound 2300 which is connected to a pr of Beolab 8000 Mkii, but the unit hasnt got a masterlink port?  How can I connect tv and system together?  

Many thanks


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RaMaBo replied on Wed, May 15 2019 2:12 PM



get a Beolink Converter 1611 to connect the BS2300 to Masterlink. Nothing has to be programmed. The converter is auto configuring itself according to the connected devices, when you first apply power to the TV, wait a minute, apply power to the BS2300, again wait a minute and finally apply power to the 1611.



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Thank you for the information I will look into this further. 

Many thanks 


Rob - Danish AV
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Panasonic would probably still provide a better image, B&O better sound by far though


MK1 7-40 may not display HD images correctly. Best to hunt around for a MK3 then you get the advantages of a full HD panel and Hdmi

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