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BS2 and Essence remote stops working

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Stan posted on Mon, May 13 2019 2:26 PM

Hi All,

I have a Bs2 that I've recently starting using with an Essence Remote.  Works great for a few days, then it doesn't work at all.  At first, I thought the batteries were dead (and they were).  A few days later, same thing with brand new batteries (which I did check in case I had some bad new batteries).  I thought it might have something to do with having a BeoRemote One also paired so I removed that pair, and same behavior.

I recalled similar threads about the remote losing contact with the Essence and the same fix worked: un-pair, reboot and then re-pair.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Anyone else have the wheelie working flawlessly with their BS2?  Any feature I can turn on/off to have this not happen so frequently?  It is a fairly old Essence remote if that matters.

It's odd because I'm borrowing the remote from my Essence where I rarely experienced this problem.  The only difference I can really see (aside from Essence vs. BS2) is that I now have it in my office where there's other BT devices.


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I have this behaviour once and a while with my M5 and the Essence Remote. If done the same in the past with removing and adding etc. That;s not the solution. Taking of the power will help, but better and easier is rebooting the BS2 via the app.

Go to the product, then Product setup, then solving problems. There you will find the reboot-option.

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Yes. We have experienced the same. Stopped, re boot and been fine ever since
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Hiort replied on Wed, May 15 2019 9:16 AM


I have this behaviour once and a while with my M5 and the Essence Remote. 

I have the same devices and had the same problem, but since the recent upgrades of the M5 I had no disconnects of the remote.





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