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Beomaster input levels

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Gunnar Faith-Ell
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Gunnar Faith-Ell posted on Thu, May 9 2019 9:35 AM

When connecting a mobile phone to a beomaster you usually have to raise the level on the mobile phone to max volume but its still a bit low for the beomaster. The headphone out on the moblie has a low impedance and should be able to drive a line input which has a higher impedans. If I listen to the radio or connect a CD, a blurtooth and, a tape recorder to the beomaster then I of course want them all to have about the same output level so I don't need to change volume when swithching between sources.

When locking at the schema for for instance for Beamoster 5500 or Beomaster 6500 the different inputs for CD/TP1/TP2 and AUX have different values on the input resistors for the respective port which suggests that they expect different input levels. There are also differences between the models.

So, the question is what levels these different ports the beomaster actually expects to keep the same volume as the built in radio?




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DMacri replied on Fri, May 10 2019 10:38 AM
I think CD level is typically a 2vrms signal, while most other line level signals tend to be 1vrms. I also think there are some level adjustment pots accessible from the bottom of the Beomaster 5000 to make adjustments as needed that appear to have been dropped from the subsequent models.


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