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Newly bought beomaster 9300 idle hiss sound

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TheDane posted on Thu, May 2 2019 9:15 PM

Hello board

This is my first post here, so bare with me if I sound newbie-ish (that is what I actually am :-D)

I recently bought a super sounding beomaster 9300 with a couple of RL60.2 speakers and a Beo4-remote for our living room. It will replace my beomaster 3000-2 with beovox 4702, which will be moved into my sound-studio for mastering purposes (extremely well playing amp and speakers, but to much "in-your-face" for our living room).

When buying the 9300, I was extremely aware, that I did a proper speaker-test form 20Hz to 20000KHz, and also tested with different kinds of music and so on. Everything sounded great, and I was amazed by the sound of these plastic-like speakers and the amp.

So here comes the problem:

What I did NOT notice, on scene,was, that in the left speaker-channel, there is a litlle, barely noticable hizz/rattle-sound in the tweeter range, and in the right channel there is only the, barely noticable again, hizz-sound, also in the tweeter range. The two sounds doent follow the sound up, when I crank up the volume.

What I have tried so far:

- Switched speakers LR to RL. No effect.
- Tried another input (Radio, Tape, CD and so on). No effect.
- Switched to Speaker 1 outputs L and R. The left didnt work, and the right output played flawlessly without hiss.
- Turned the amp off, and when current was out of the system, the hiss/rattle-sound came to a halt (after appr. 5 seconds.

Any ideas or experience with this problem? Is it a common one?

Kind regards

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