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Looks like B&W is looking to invade B&O’s space…

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Beophile Posted: Wed, Apr 24 2019 6:09 PM

Reading the below linked article from, it looks to me like B&W is looking to invade B&O’s space.  From the article, it looks like they have cutting edge silicon valley technology with modern trends, designs, and interfaces in mind, are very well funded, have solid leadership, and sufficient notoriety. The new Formation line looks to compete directly with B&O, and this is just the first "phase" of what is effectively a brand new B&W company.  With B&O effectively taking a step away from televisions and focusing on high-end, multi-room streaming, I believe this will put B&W and B&O on a head on collision.  While competition is a good thing, I have concerns regarding B&O’s abilities to recognize, let alone take on, this challenge.  My hope is that B&O sees this for the threat that it is and steps up their game to preemptively address this.

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Sandyb replied on Wed, Apr 24 2019 6:34 PM
And their new range is Roon ready, for those interested in the leading music browsing experience and perhaps better quality streaming.

There are risks for B&W too though, as these prices are a bit higher than some of their customers would have been used to. The Wedge effectively replaces the Zeppelin, yet is more expensive.
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