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A brilliant suggestion for Mr Bang and Mr Olufsen...

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Beofile7 posted on Tue, Apr 23 2019 5:00 PM

A friend of mine recently visited and despite the plethora of B&O in my house left unimpressed!

Nothing to do with sound quality. He openly admits he could never hear the difference between a £400 Stereo and anything else.

No, what got me was his ignorant comment that he thought disappointedly that the TV stand position automatically followed the position of the remote control. 

What a brilliant conception? If this were possible, (what isn’t) I reckon I could make the 1st sale!

Come On, B&O, how cool would that be?



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A popular misconception, the one about the TV following the viewer. I was hooked once I’d stayed in a Parisian Hotel with an MX that turned towards the bed when switched on. 

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Yep heard this in the early nineties.

Don’t think it would work very well in practice.
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Dante replied on Wed, Apr 24 2019 3:13 AM

If you had a button on the remote to trigger the movement, why not?

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