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Speaker setup

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Esax Posted: Mon, Apr 22 2019 7:43 PM
My experience from speaker setup.

Set the speakers for both music and film on beovision.

The first thing to do is set up the speakers for music. If possible, set the speakers at the same distance from the TV and from the rear wall. Measure an equilateral triangle and twist the speakers so they hit just behind the center seat. It is important for the movie experience to turn the speakers. Otherwise, the right seat gets too much of the right sound and left too much of the left sound.

After that, you set the distance on all speakers in the TV menu. If you have beolab 50 or 90 then it is better to set the delay of 8.6m in the app and the rest in the TV. It will be easier then. Make sure you have the phantom center in the middle of the TV. You can also check it with audio / video sync test on youtube. On my beolab 50 master I had to add 0.1m. Had the same problem on beolab 20 that I returnef. Not happy with the sound.

The next step is to set the sound level. It is easiest to do this with db meter app. If you set the front too high, they take over the center. Then the sound image is distorted. There is a reason why one cannot adjust the level of the center. The center is the most important speaker in video setup. It is also equally important to have the right level of the surround speakers. If you run beolab transmitter as I do on the rear beolab 17 you should ad 0,2m for the transmitter delay.

Beovision 7-55 MK1 red, Beolab 10 red. Beolab 50, all black. Beolab 17 broken ice. Beolab transmitter. Apple tv4 and apple express 2.

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