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Beomaster 1000 2301-05 restoring please help

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Birger posted on Tue, Apr 16 2019 1:06 PM

hello all,

I have bought an old beomaster 1000 with decoder white keys,beovox1200 and beogram 1000. After cleaning and new fuse it works! The sound is really pleasant and I realize how much Ive missed these old things. 

I have a problem: there is distorsion in one channel on high frequencies. Sounds like a broken speaker driver which is not the cause. The preamp is in the player and l have tested this on another amp no problem. All components looks ok except the cap(?) 738 shown in the picture which is cracked on the backside - not shown looks like a piece of the shell has lost a  fragment.

I have studied the forums and read about changing all caps etc. I think i could do that but first i would like to find the source of the distorsion. Could it be the cap in the picture?

I would appreciate any suggestions (it is the small disc shaped cap(?) next to the trim pot)






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