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Beomaster 901 restoration, questions and parts required

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highlandretrostuff posted on Tue, Apr 16 2019 7:06 AM

Hi all,

I'm new here so apologies if i'm not posting this in the right place... I have a Beomaster 901 which was in the family for many years and had been gathering dust/corrosion in a damp shed. I tried plugging in and nothing was happening so set about a restoration. So far:

Replaced a good number of capacitors - all of the old Roedersteins, plus the large 3000uf 50V capacitors.

Replaced the Darlington pairs and a couple of other transistors with new thermal paste etc 

Replaced the panel lamps

Repaired the aerial socket

Replaced the rubber feet and fixings (missing before)

Cleaned up the entire frame, circuit board, sliding controls, woodwork etc

Stripped the veneer (chipped and bubbling) from aluminium side panels and purchased new raw teak veneer to re-finish the sides (awaiting glue)


I plugged it in and hooked up some speakers and an aerial and it all works well - sound is great on both channels, tuner works well as do the indicator lamps and AFC function. There's no 'scratchiness' in the operation of controls either which i'm pleased about. Having tested it over the course of a week and about 16 hours use i'd now like to finish it up cosmetically but need a few parts:

1x plexiglass lens for the volume control

1x lamp diffuser for the tuning lamp (the small white triangular piece that goes behind lense)

1x rear black plastic cover that goes over the speaker connections (if I can't get one I have some thin black matt perspex i'll try and fabricate one from)


Also one question... The heatsink runs quite warm even on modest demand/ 5% demand (hot but not uncomfortable to hold), is this normal or should I have a look at the bias?


Thanks in advance, Rory

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