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Beomaster 4500 No Sound CH1 L/R, CH2 R.

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interloper07 posted on Mon, Apr 15 2019 1:50 AM
I finally have come into possession of a used Beomaster 4500.
I've been wanting one of these for a long time after visiting a cousin in Denmark 20 years ago and his family had one of these.
I'm new to B&O ownership, but I love how this thing looks, and want to get it back up and running.
From what I can tell, it has the following issues:
  • Possible muting/speaker relay issue (No sound out of the right speaker on Ch 1 or Ch 2). The left speakers had sound consistently. Until . . . 
  • Possible headphone jack issue. When I went to confirm muting relay issue by plugging in headphones, it muted the speakers, but it didn't unmute them when I removed them. The left speaker on channel 2 still has sound and is the only thing that has sound right now.
  • Won't allow me to adjust balance, treble, bass, or loudness when pushing the Sound Button. Volume works OK. Storing the volume preferences works OK too.

The muting/speaker relay issue has been discussed elsewhere here, but I've seen no discussion or pictures of where it is or how to change it, internally. 

If this isn't the only issue, and the headphone jack needs replacing, how big an undertaking is that?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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