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Beosystem 3 an Beovision 4-65 Led blinkt

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Ralph posted on Thu, Apr 11 2019 6:19 PM

Hallo B&O Gemeinde,


ich habe aber die Suchfunktion schon Stunden durch, hier im Forum und im Netz.

Mein Problem: Ich bin am Umstellen von Beosystem 2 , 9411 auf Beosystem 3, 9600.

IR Auge mit Klinke vom Beosystem 2 an Beosystem 3 in den Port IR in. Beolabs an Powerlink, HDMI Geräte erst einmal nicht angeschlossen. Beovision RS232 Kabel an Beosystem, DVI Kabel vom Beosystem 3  Monitor 1 an BV Slot 2.

Dann Strom anschließen. Das Beosystem 3 leuchtet für ca. 3-4 Sekunden grün und geht dann aus. Wenn ich dann auf der Beo4 auf TV drücke geht die Led vom Beosystem auf grün und nach 2-3 Sekunden blinkt die LED grün, orange, grün, orange unendlich.

was kann ich da machen, gibt es ein Reset fürs System?



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The system 2 and 3 are different.

Panels originally used with BS3 use Slot 1 with a DVI instead of Slot 2 at the panels used with the BS2. These older panels have a PC/VGA input at slot 1.

The RS232 command at the BS2 tells the panel to switch to slot 2 (where the DVI inout is located).

So, if the BS3 starts it sends a signal to use slot 1 where the newer panels have their DVI input . The newer panels didn't have the VGA input.

So basically there is a mix up. That could result in the blinking led as there isn't any signal at the requested input and maybe that's reported back via the RS232.

I would try to disconnect the RS232 first. Then manually choose the Slot 2 input (with the buttons at the panel itself) at the panel at then switch on the BS3. Look what happens then. The BS3 could and shoud possibly be used with general panels. So, at least you should have an image displayed. then.

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Hello Beo Buddy, thank you for the quick reply. I've already tried the Beosystem only with the 3pin Ir eye. So only electricity and Ir. however the same. Turn it off, then turn green for 3 seconds. Beo4 on TV and it blinks green amber green amber.

Programming on option 0,1,2 goes. Now I have Option 1. Do I have to connect a source on Scart or AV?

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