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Beovox P45 tweeter issue?

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peternovy posted on Wed, Apr 3 2019 6:57 PM

There's plenty of threads on P45 woofers, but I seem to have run into an issue with a tweeter... I noticed one of my P45's sounds a bit weaker. Measured with a tablet app it plays 1-2 db lower on average. In addition there seems to be a hint of distortion in the high frequencies, the sound a bit less crisp and a slight buzzing when playing trumpets (I'm testing this with some 60ies hard bop), so I think it is the tweeter.

I started noticing this since I got a better phono preamp and one of the speakers disappoints (I did swap them to check if it indeed the speaker and not the amp). Did anyone run into similar issues? Are the tweeters in the P45 known to run into this kind of problem, do they wear out? 

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Søren Mexico
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Check coil, check crossovers, evt. swap tweeters to test

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