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New Beovision 14-55 - worth buying it?

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Rolf 2
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Rolf 2 posted on Sat, Mar 23 2019 5:23 PM

Hello, I´m currently using a BV 10-46. I´m now thinking about a BV with a bigger screen and integrated WISA. I like the design of the BV 10/11/14 series a lot more than the Avant/Horizon/Eclipse, so I´m considering a BV 11-55 or 14-55. In the Forum I read a lot about software and other issues with the 14 and it is not clear to me if they were solved completely. The 11 seems to be operating pretty well, but in my area it is currently not available with WISA integrated (talking about a used one). 

I now have an offer of a BV 14-55 which is a demo piece. The dealer explained me, that there are no known issues with this specific BV. I have not seen it yet, planning to do so next weekend.

If you could share your experience using a BV 14 it would help me make my decision:

- Are the issues with the BV 14 solved; if not, which ones are still there?

- Are there different versions like MK I, MK II, etc.?

- Would you go for a 14?

- What should I be looking for when testing the BV?

Would be very nice if you could give me some advice.

Kindest regards,



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Did you get a deal proposed by the dealer? I’m wondering what discount they are able te give.

As said earlier, the BV14 is great looking at, the Eclipse is best looking at (when turned on).

I would go for the brass edition with smoked oak cover and black stand, nice!

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