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Huge B&O Estate Lot for Sale

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Anna Posted: Mon, Mar 11 2019 4:43 PM

Beovision 11-55 Television on rotating floor stand, red panel. with manual, $4000

Beolab 18 corded floor speakers, 2, silver with white lamellas. 1 speaker is missing one end lamella and is not tight on the base. I might have the tightening tool and will update if I find it. There are 3 manuals for speakers, front covers and base. ** So update on this item, I found the missing lamella and the tightening tool so these speakers are good to go now *** Price TBD

Beogram 7000 Turntable with MMC5 cartridge, white(ivory)/smoke color, $1200

B&O Form 2i lime green headphones, $40

Beosound 3200 / 2683 CD player, tuner, black with manual, $500

Beolab 2500 speakers, 2, black speaker covers, with manual, $400/pair

Beolab 19 Subwoofer, white/silver with manual & original shipping box, $3200 (Has current bid on ebay, cannot sell until auction is over)

Beolab 17 silver speaker stands, 2, $200 each

Beo4 Remote control with guide, $45

Beolab 17 3 sided, silver speakers, 2 , with 2 manuals, $2000/pair

Beolab 17 3 sided, silver speakers, 2,  wrapped in bright red vinyl with 1 manual, $1500/pair

Beolab 17 white mesh speaker covers/grills, 2, $100/pair

Beocom.2 Gold handset banana phone, $100

Beocom.2 Table charger, $100

Beoline PSTN Base, 2 line, $40

B&O CD, Duets, Duke Ellington, $10

B&O black, heavy weight, CD storage rack, accordion style, 12.5x12.5, $75

B&O 3D Glasses, 2, price TBD

B&O, HP Envy 34" Curved all in one PC monitor, Intel Core i7, black/white, $1200

Bulk purchase price is 20% off if you buy everything listed. 

I HAVE MANY PICTURES OF ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS. This is my first time listing items on this site. I have no idea what is typical or acceptable so I'm just going at it the best way I know how. There are literally hundreds of cables, connectors, wires, etc available to go with these items. I did my best to match up as I disassembled the products at this estate - however - this dude was Inspector Gadget  and has more electronic devices than Silicon Valley. Not my forte'. Prices do NOT include shipping. I'm not interested in shipping the BA television so you need to make arrangements for pickup or for a fee, we could possibly meet half way if it's within 200 miles of Auburn, AL. This home is smoke/pet free. ALL of these products were installed in 3 different rooms and worked great before I disassembled. Prices are based on my research, I welcome your comments and advice. 

These are used and do not come with any guarantee or warranty. 

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