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Beocenter 2 and wall mount!

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Andreaf9690 posted on Thu, Mar 7 2019 9:41 AM

I've just bought oe wall stand for my Beocenter 2 and i discovered with my bewilderment that there's no way to hide the connection wire!

Despite all the brochures and catalogues showing a neat installation on the wall with no wire visible, B&O hadn't found a more clever solution?This is deceitful!

I assumed that the connection wire would hide inside the aluminum tube somehow, it wouldn't have been such an impossible solutions....

Some of you owner managed to deal with this aesthetic issue?

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Vestri Kirkjubyr, UK
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I had the same experience. The cable has to clip onto the underside of the tube and you then take it into the wall under the lower edge of the base/ wall plate. Most of the time it isn't too noticeable. You are right about B&O conveniently missing all the cables etc from a lot of their earlier advertising photographs.

Personally, I ultimately resolved this problem by buying a floor stand. The cable does go inside the floor stand tube and the stand offers easy repositioning options.


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