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Powerlink and Audio jack over RJ45

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apty posted on Fri, Feb 22 2019 11:15 PM

Hi all,

My current setup has a 3rd party tv and a left BL8000 near each other.
The completely separate right side has a BL8000 and BL Active IR sensor
Between the left and right side is an available RJ45 cat.7 connection.

To reduce the amount of cables in sight I was thinking of combining the single cat.7 for an audio feed from the TV towards the BL Active, and returning the audio feed of the left BL8000.
This means that the cat.7 cable has a powerlink out and jack input near the TV, while having a powerlink in and jack output near the BL Active (and 1611). Are you still with me? ;)

Basically, I want to use the 8 cables within a cat.7 to transfer jack audio (3 cables) and powerlink mk3 (5 cables).

I tried this but it gives a wuzz over both the BL8000s, do I have to combine the ground or something? Is there anyone that could give me advice on how to combine these?

Thanks and best regards,
A.P. Troost

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