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Beosound Century 2000

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fleasjoe posted on Tue, Feb 19 2019 11:46 AM
Goodmorning everyone! I ask you for help to try to solve this problem on my own.

My Century works everything perfectly, a show for the ears, in a B & O center I did restore all the tape department 6/7 months ago ... but there is one but the cd even if it works perfectly presents this very strange and unexplained anomaly:

I turn on a CD and starts to play for about 30/45 seconds after which it crashes I start again and does not stop even more listening to another 3.4.5 cd a whole day, in short, it seems to have never had any kind of defect.

I turn it off again after half an hour, an hour, 4 hours, the next day and we are at the beginning, at the beginning of the first cd 30/45 seconds it freezes then I try again and everything ok as above, you explain?

The center wants me to change the laser ... (impractical figure over 300 euros !!!) and second non-inherent to the case and fault found, otherwise I think it would never work or at least the reload of the cd itself.

Thanks to everyone for any kind of help you can provide me.

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