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Need Advice on Beocenter 2

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Tucker posted on Mon, Feb 18 2019 8:24 PM

I will need to replace a DVD player in my current setup soon, and was considering a Beocenter 2, but not sure it is the best fit for the setup... The setup would be a BV4 with Beosystem 3 to a masterlink junction box which goes to a Beosound 9000 and a BV10-32 in another room. Would it be advisable to add the Beocenter 2 as the DVD player for the system? 
Thanks in advance for any advise. 

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beojeff replied on Mon, Feb 18 2019 10:04 PM

The Beocenter 2 is beautiful. However, you will be extremely disappointed using it for video. It lacks HDMI and upscaling. Probably any blu-ray player that you can find on the market today will provide far better video even for DVD - which will get upscaled.

Speaking of physical media, I just read this morning that Samsung is joining Oppo is getting out of the blu-ray / dvd market.

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