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Beoplay A9 base colour?

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NickPG posted on Mon, Feb 11 2019 8:35 PM

Hi All,

With the upcoming A9 Mk3 there are some good deals on the Mk2.

Smoked Oak and Bronze aren’t on offer, just Black and White.

Would you go for black or white though?

My initial thought was black but further down the line I’ll probably add the grey Kvadrat cover and oak legs. Most marketing images of the A9 with a Kvadrat cover have a silver edge, which would point towards going for the white model. My fear with the white model would be the rear showing marks really easily, let alone the white grill!

Does anyone have an opinion regarding this?




Beoplay A9 MkII, BeoLab 4000, BeoSound Essence MkII

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Sandyb replied on Mon, Feb 11 2019 10:25 PM
I've got the smoked oak tripod on the anniversary edition. Rose gold trim, which I'm not a fan of normally, but it's minimal on the A9.

It's a MK2, and it's an incredible colorway.
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