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Need recommendation: Non-B&O TV connect to Moment/BL18/19?

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Henrik posted on Wed, Feb 6 2019 8:40 PM


I thought I’d try this question with the expertise on this forum:
I’m planning on replacing the TV in my living room, but I need to do it on a budget. I’m currently browsing the generic lineup of 55”-ish 4K screens you can get for around  €1000 from LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony… The TV will proably almost exclusively be used to play things from an AppleTV.
In my living room I have a BeoSound Moment that plays wirelessly to my BL18/19s. I’ve never had my current TV (an aging LG) connected to this setup since a) there is no practical way to do it without stretching cables everywhere, and b) I don’t watch much TV anyway. I’ve been happy with my speakers playing music.
However, I do enjoy the odd movie now and then, and if I’m going to replace the TV anyway, I thought I’d see if there is a practical way to get the sound (either from the AppleTV or from the new TV) to play to my speakers. I do remember a few years ago there was some talk of LG adding WiSA to their TVs, but I can’t see that this has made it to the shelves yet? At least not in this price range?
I’m really not very knowledgeable about TVs, so I was hoping for some guidance here. Is there at all a practical way of doing this? The cable option is not very good, since the Moment is on the other side of the room from the TV. Has the world moved on since my aging TV? Are there specific TVs that make this easier than others? I remember trying to bluetooth sound from the AppleTV to the Moment once. It kind of worked, but I ran into a problem with sound/picture sync, and no obvious way to fix it.
Any advice is greatly appreciated!
kind regards,

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Emil Jensen
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Buy a OLED,

LG B8 an C8 are seen about that price.

But all OLED are great,

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Let me share my experience based on my limited knowledge:

The Moment is not good for what you want to achieve as both BT and wire line-in connectivity are introducing image/sound sync delays (disabling line-in delay as an option like in other products has been considered at some point by the Moment team but dropped with the Moment EOL).

I acquired a Core for several reasons including to connect my Samsung TV to my BLs as the TV only has optical and BT external sound output ... but I was fortunate to already have a Transmitter 1 that I could leverage to connect the Core to my BL 18/19 wirelessly.

To summarize for TV to BLa wirelessly: Moment no go, Core + TR 1 yes .... but you’ll still need to wire more or less depending on the TV setup.

My Samsung has a hub for peripheral connectivity that you can easily group and hide with the Core and the hub connects to the TV via a thin optical fiber.

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The Moment is not good for what you want to achieve...

Have to agree, for a time I was considering buying a Moment (back when they were still current but buggy) and the integration with non-B&O is not at all ideal - did not more forward with that. They stupidly didn't include an optical-in which the vast majority of television sets output. Very few have headphones or analogue outs anymore, those that do have sync problems. Also not all television sets can pair with just any BT device, plus BT is awful and usually very laggy.

Only way I see it is get a DAC (S8 hub or core) for the tele optical output and feed that analogue in to Moment.

Get an OLEDYes - thumbs up My LG OLED is lovely, no comparison between that and old LCD/Plasma.

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Henrik replied on Sun, Feb 10 2019 8:54 PM

Thanks for all your helpful answers!

Ok, I suspected it but you confirm it; My Moment might have to go. It's absolutely mindboggling to me that B&O managed to not give the Core WiSA, though. Ok, so I'm looking at a few different possible solutions:

1: Sell my Moment and buy Core/TM1, and buy an LG OLED. Big Smile

2: Sell my Moment and buy a second-hand BeoVision. They're still expensive, though. Might find a BV 10/11/Horizon in that price range. If I've understood correctly, any of those would play well wirelessly with my speakers. I suppose that would mean sacrificing display quality, compared to an LG OLED?

3: Keep my Moment, and buy a second-hand BV. A bit redundant, but I would like to keep the Moment for its interface, actually.

Thanks again! If anyone has anything to weigh in, please do! These are unchartered waters for me. I'll do a little research, and think a little.



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