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Beomaster 8000

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paulstanleyhaller posted on Fri, Jan 25 2019 1:12 AM

 My Beomaster 8000 comes on and everything works for about 10 minutes then all the controls stop working including the screen and all buttons. I am suspicious that there is a small power supply that powers the controls that has a bad component the heats up and stops working. The unit suffered a very high voltage surge when it was in standby mode about 10 years ago and had to be repaired. It has worked fine since but now has problems. Does anyone have any suggestions and is there anyone near Portland OR, Seattle WA, or San Francisco CA that works on these units. Or is there a source for parts if I determined the bad board. Portland OR is the closest to me. 

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The Beomaster 8000 is rather complicated. If it has only ever had spot repairs then the best solution to keep the receiver working for many more years is a complete restoration. Otherwise you are in for a long series of repairs as every time someone opens it there is a good chance something else will start failing. I don't know the West Coast so hopefully someone from that area can answer you question regarding vintage B&O component restorations in those areas. I have had plenty of people send me their Beomaster 8000 units but being in Texas the shipping cost for the 60 pound beast (65 pounds when boxed properly) can be quite expensive. Here is a really old Beoworld Workbench post of mine restoring my first Beomaster 8000 receiver. It can give you the overall scope of tasks a restoration can run into. This Beolover Blog post has a lot of posts about Beomaster 8000 repair and restoration tasks. The most recent Beomaster 8000 restoration can be read about here.

If you have had your Beomaster 8000 a long time then you know how nice they are to use. Especially when connected up with the rest of a Beosystem 8000 components (Beogram 800x turntable, Beocord 800x - 9000 cassette deck and Beovox MS150 or M150 speakers). 


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