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Problem with Beovision Avant NG

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marcengels posted on Thu, Jan 10 2019 6:36 PM

Hi, I will try to explain my problem. Since 4 weeks my Beoremote one bt sometimes cannot control the Beovision. I can turn on the Beovision but on the display of the Beoremote i can see only 2 options,the name Beovision and second is settings. It does not show stand, sound or speaker etc. It is like the Beovision and Beoremote are not 'communicating' at that point. So i have to go into the menu to repair them manually and everything is fine again. This happens at random. Sometimes the Beoremote one does not work at all after a while. Power off and on or i have to use the beo app which is the only thing that works at that time. Sometimes turning the Beovision off and on does the trick so i do not have to pair them manually.  

Received a new Beoremote one bt 2 days ago and guess what, same problem. So the problem is the Beovision Avant NG as i can see it??!! Beovision has the latest software and was build this year. What can i i do guys? Any suggestions? Please help me.  

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Hi, I experience same drop out of beo one once every two days in average. Problem started directly after latest software update in December.

I reported this to B&O through the app, never received any feedback. Lately the response of beocare is limited to none.

I’m on the Horizon, same Android platform as your Avant NG.

I’m afraid we only can wait until this is being addressed in new update. Hopefully others will also reply so B&O will be aware of the problem.

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I had the same problem with my Avant NG. I also changed the remote batteries and that helped sometimes. But almost very second day it would freeze or become unresponsive or just wouldn’t turn on or off. It became rediculous where sometimes I just could t get the tv to come on. So I sent the whole thing back and replaced with the Eclipse which has been so much better in every way. 

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