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Max volume defaulting back to 50 on all products

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Brian posted on Thu, Jan 10 2019 2:50 PM

Does anyone know why and how to rectify this?

If I open the B&O app and go into any or all of my 8 products, ‘sound settings’ and raise the max volume from 50 to 90. As soon as I exit that product and go back in the max volume has defaulted back to 50. It happens on all my products. Everything works as it should, all happy to enter into multiroom etc.

Thanks all.


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I raised the issue to B&O last week but it seems that the recent software deployed between yesterday and today on some products such M3, M5 has solved the issue, at least on mines.

That said the 90 value could be set through the product configuration pages.

Latest software has not fixed high volume on M3 post restart, I have also escalated to B&O

EDIT: Correction, it is not fixed .... When I had a look at the parameter this morning, post software update, it was definitively on 90, checking now it is back to 50 and cannot be changed to 90. Sorry for the confusion

EDIT2: Note that whatever value you choose in the App for max volume, it will be applied to the product, but the App will keep displaying 50

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