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Yet another Bluetooth mod - Beosystem 10

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matador43 posted on Tue, Jan 8 2019 12:11 PM

Hi alls,

Following my lasts beocom 6000 handset and beolit 707 bluetooth enabling, I decide to add bluetooth to my last find: A Beosystem 10.

Of course as ever no B&O device was hurt during the process and everything is "reversible"!

So, the process is pretty much the same as for the Beolit 707. Find "aux in" connection from the inside, add a jack and connect to a BT USB dongle with power bank to power it, tuck it in the battery compartment. Just this time it's a stereo connection.

First step is to open the BS10. Quite easy and the chance to give it a good clean.
The aux-in pins are located on a little PCB on the casebook. All the needed connection are there:
Left in, Right in and common ground (you can take the ground wherever it suits you, just pick one!). 


Then solder the jack wires

The difficult thing if you use a wire with naked ground like me, is to avoid any shortage as the pub is quite crowded. Here you can see red wire to the right channel, white wire to the left channel and the ground, protected with a thermoretraclable sleeve.

I've still add some crazy double protection, not my finest work!

Then tuck the jack through the PCB and the holes in the battery bay.

Close the BS10, add the power bank and the USB BT dongle and voilà!

Now you can access the Beosystem 10 in Bluetooth by pressing the "aux" key!

I think this time i may try to replace the power bank by an AC/USB adapter connected to the mains input. I didn't want to mess up with power on the Beolit 707 but i dont know why, I feel more confident here. To be continued, maybe!


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And here is my little B&O bluetooth family:

Saint Beogrowler
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And here is my little B&O bluetooth family:

I enjoy your fun Bluetooth projects. Especially since they are reversible
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