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Beolit 707 renovation.

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kimberley posted on Sat, Dec 15 2018 12:34 PM

I've recently bought a Beolit 707 from a 'well-known auction site'. Accurately described and basically in good condition: working but shabby.

I've succeeded in removing the top panel, cleaned out the grooves for the ball-bearings (without losing my balls) and removed most of the internal dust from the radio.

I painted a bead of epoxy resin around the joint between the speaker magnet and the basket, as I understand that the magnets can become detached.

I still need to deal with the crackly volume & tone controls (any advice other than that given in previous threads?), but are there any other potential problems I should be dealing with in advance?

Advice on the cosmetic side would also be welcome. I think that the nicks and worn edges to the black finish probably can't be repaired, I would probably make the appearance worse, unless anyone has suggestions. The red front & rear panels are quite faded in colour compared with the interior, and washing them has left them with rather a matt finish with pale areas. Any suggestions for improving the colour & appearance welcome!

Thank you.

Adam K.

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