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BV7-40 Mk6 Bluray sound but no picture

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David posted on Sat, Dec 8 2018 2:09 PM

Hi everyone,


I just took delivery of a BV7-40 Mk6. Tested the unit before picking it up - all ok. Blu ray player worked perfectly.


Got it home and it has obviously reset all of its settings. Now when I load and play a Blu ray disc I have sound but no picture at all. HDMI on the back is connected to HDMI D. Am I missing something really simple here? Are there other connections or settings I need to deal with, or would there be region code issues? 





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9 LEE replied on Sun, Dec 9 2018 3:02 PM

First up, disconnect the TV from the mains, take out the HDMI and give it a blow out with compressed air or a lungful of breath!  One speck of dirt can wreak havoc.

If that doesn't work, turn off the TV, wait a minute, unplug the HDMI, turn on the TV, then reset the TV to default.  Then, turn off the TV at the mains, wait a minute, plug the HDMI back in, then turn on at the mains.

If that doesn't work, power down at the mains, wait a minute, turn on, reset to default, turn off, power down at the mains, wait a minute, turn on again and see if it works.

The 'Internal' Blu-Ray is actually treated as a 'Third Party' by the TV in many ways... as if it was a Blu-Ray Player sitting on a cabinet next to it.  The TV could just be having a bit of a wobble recognising it, and most times a slap round the face with a wet haddock in the form of resets usually does the trick.


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