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Couple of questions re Beogram CD 50 and Beocord 5000

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willow1 posted on Fri, Dec 7 2018 12:55 PM

Newbie so be gentle!


Beogram CD 50 and Beocord 5000 tape deck.


CD drawer opens with a very slight pull on corner of tray and CD plate ejects. Put CD in tray and CD closes.

Display shows a number 1 and then CD tray is trying to open and eject CD. 

CD obviously doesn't play.  Any ideas?


Tape deck lid lifts and closes OK. Fairly loud constant buzzing noise and whether cassette is inserted or not, spools do not rotate.


Again, any ideas?


Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi and welcome.Smile

You do know that the CD50 takes CD’s upside down, yes?

As for the Beocord it could be several things, but I think a belt change and a re-cap should be contemplated. Do check the rectifier bridge too.

You should really be more specific in your thread titles by the way!


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Yes Jacques.

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