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Beogram 400x tracking force repair

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ALF posted on Fri, Nov 23 2018 12:32 PM

hi everyone,

sitting over my BG4002 and trying to adjust the tracking force to at least, not near it, no matter

what I do to the arm - haven’t twisted it yet though  😡

basically I do know how to balance and adjust but it simply won’t work.

took the adjustment knob off and made sure the lower gear wheel is grabbing the the torsion spring.

now the question is:

do I have to apply pre-tension to the spring or no tension (neutral) at all ?

so far I did try almost every trick in the book without success - and as John mentioned in one of his posts

there is only so much way I can fidlle with the counter weight without interfering with the proper function

of the tonearm.

I can not see any damage to the spring, so this can not be the cause of the problem.

which trick did I miss here ??

any help, advice, suggestion ?

thank you



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Dillen replied on Fri, Nov 23 2018 12:56 PM

It's all in the servicemanual.

Sorry for asking, but I have seen and heard so much...
You do have a cartridge fitted, - right?


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ALF replied on Sat, Nov 24 2018 3:05 AM

Permission to laugh 😬😁  Martin ?

I red this reply before woth a big smile.......YES, a MMC20CL is fitted !!

However any mistake is possible and I imagine you have seen some incredible mistakes with your years of experience....nevertheless,

we all do them from time to time !

no question is too silly I learnt in my teaching, thanks anyway.

I revisited the SM and have repeated the complete arm adjustment precedure - looks like it worked this time....??!

I definitely prefer the plain counterweight/weight adjustment over any spring-loaded tracking force adjustments.

Still do not quite trust the spring business.


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