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Beovision Center Speaker placemat.

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DinoD posted on Tue, Nov 20 2018 4:08 AM

Hey Guys,

Wanted to see if it is ok to place center speaker above TV (wall mounted) BL7.6, instead of bellow. 

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No reason why not.  Except maybe if your mounting bracket forces an upward tilt, like the B&O tabletop bracket did -- you want the speaker drivers pointed at your head, so tilt it *down* a bit, if it's mounted above the TV.  Also when mounting the center channel above the screen, for best left/center/right imaging, raise the L/R speakers slightly so their tweeters are centered in the middle of the screen height, versus in a standard installation you may have had them closer to the floor, lined up with the bottom of the TV.  (It's a minor difference; you might never even notice or care, but the timbre of the actor's voice changes even if they aren't moving but the camera pans and now they are blended coming out of the side speaker!)

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