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BeoSound Moment questions

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beccasapp posted on Sat, Nov 17 2018 1:53 AM

I am considering purchasing a BeoSound Moment sound system but I have a few questions. If anyone with this product can chip in (or have knowledge they are willing to share), it would be much appreciated!

I have searched as much as I can but I couldn't find out what this system is capable of now that it has had a couple software updates since it's 2015 release. 

Are there any new features other than those listed in the 2015 reviews? New streaming services? Is the software/product buggy or fine for use now? Do you think it is a great product? What is it's best use case/how do you use it?

I would also like to get some clarity regarding wired speaker compatibility and this system. I do not own any B&O speakers, but I was hoping that I can connect the BeoSound Moment to my none-B&O wired speakers set-up. Is this possible? If so, how? Are there limitations? I read that the wired connection is through Power Link (RJ45). Is there an adapter from power link to Coax, optical or Aux? These are the only wired options my current sound system offers.

Links (urls) of accessories that would be needed would also be appreciated. Feel free to ask if you need me to clarify something written in this post.

Thank you all for your help!





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Hi MM,

Thanks! Yes, the speaker set has a remote with volume control, among some other features. It does have an AUX port, so are you saying it can work? The speakers are currently connected to another device through optical and the host device cannot alter its volume either. I change the volume using the remote only (which does not bother me).

I will reach out to Steve but first I want to be sure that this is even possible.

MM, are you willing to share your brief impression of this device (if you own/used one)?

You must know then, that you will have to deal with two volume controls.

I’d say - for convenience - set the volume of the speakers at a suitable level and leave it there....then control the volume using the Moment.

Please notice, that not all AUX inputs offer good sound quality - since your speaker are unknown, it is hard to tell how that will work out in your case in daily use.

(Normally/theoretically you should always control the volume in the latest possible device).

Controlling the volume directly in the speakers (and leaving the volume of the Moment basicly at one level and the untouched) would contradict the convinience of axdevice, that features one big remete control = the jukebox.


You will have to know (and approve) the concept of the BS Moment!

The philosophy of it, is to serve you with music you like to any given time of the day.

The algorhitms used for this are called MoodWheel and PatternPlay.

It is not an audio player/streamer in the classical way - however, you can browse the music collection and the radio stations, but this is not the primary force of the device (of the concept).

It works best with a streaming service = with Deezer. You can connect it to a DLNA server as well for playback of local files from the network/a NAS.

Recommended from B&O is the Twonky server. Some people have had trouble with this, especially when using other (DLNA) servers.

There may be problems with very big local collections.

As long as you mainly use it for Deezer (and netradio), I see no problem in recommending it.....with the latest sw, of course.

I do have some experience with it, but I don’t use one in my setup.....

.....I am not a guy, who wants to be ‘nursed’ when listening to music.

Rather I am someone who likes exploring and picking music actively.

That said, I accept - and know - that many costumers prefer a more passive way of choosing long as they get to hear, what they like!!!



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Hiort replied on Mon, Nov 19 2018 7:29 AM
I agree with a lot of the points MM write.

The beauty with Moment for me is the way it blends music I listen to on Deezer with my own music collection, and that I do not have to use my phone.

To sit with the tablet and browse for music is really nice, now when the search feature has been revamped.

The integration with my Beovison 11 is also a big plus, so that Moment can share its speakers.

But, if you do not use Deezer and do not have B&O speakers connected, you loose a lot of the beauty and convenience with this product.

(I use a Synology NAS with around 3000 songs and have no problems with that. Moment is wired to my router using power line adapter)





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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi beccasapp,

Which model of speakers do you have please?  I will then be pleased to help you to find the best way to connect these to either a Moment, or to your computer if you prefer.

Kind regards, Steve.


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IA64 replied on Sun, Aug 25 2019 6:35 PM

Hello Steve,


Is it possible to connect the moment to an AVR with line in input ?  So far I have a crestron multizone amp and a seperate B&O ( BL20 + moment + etc.. ).


Many sources are connected to the AMP to feed every room. Would it be possible to connect the moment to the crestron  c2n-6x100 ) ? 


Maybe powerlink to RCA or anything like that. Appreciating your input. 

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hello IA64,

Yes, you can use this cable to play the output of the Moment into a stereo RCA Line input of the amp (please set the Moment volume near to maximum to give full volume control from the amp:-

Kind regards, Steve.


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