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Masterlink Issues

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Arragon posted on Mon, Nov 12 2018 4:20 AM

Dear Forum,

I have a Beosound 9000 acting as the Master with 3 sets of Beolab 3500 speakers and Beolab 6000 speakers connected  as link rooms and Beolab Passive driving a set of outside non B&O speakers.

A Beomaster 5 is also part of the system but is not set as the Master.

In 2 rooms the Masterlink works correctly but in 2 other rooms including the external speakers the Masterlink fails with no response to the Beo 4 remote - the fault  is intermittent and rebooting the system does not always correct the issue.

I suspect the issue lies in one of the Masterlink cable connection boxes rather than in the Beosound 9000 as part of the system responds correctly. 

Any suggestions regarding the above Masterlink issue would be most appreciated.





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Also check your Beo4’s batteries !

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valve1 replied on Tue, Nov 13 2018 6:25 AM

Did it all work at any time ?

I can only suggest taking the boxes off twist and solder all the cables and insulate them with shrinks /tape etc.

The boxes can sometimes make poor connections. 

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Yes I would also check the junction box - it can miss one of the connections and then nothing works.

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