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BeoLab 50 issues

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Klaus Nielsen
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Klaus Nielsen posted on Thu, Nov 8 2018 8:53 AM

I deceided to buy a pair of BL50 based on the Technical Sound Guide dated April 2018 and the good looks! I received the BL50 in July and by that time both the SW and the APP had been changed to new versions. 

I am using the BL50 as a “stand alone” no other B&O products controlling the BLs, only the B&O APP. This has proved to be a nightmare. Very little of all the goodies promised in the Technical Sound Guide is accessible an even basic commands such as volume and on/off is difficult or not existing. 

The “new” APP looks very different from the graphics showed in the Technical Sound Guide and oppdated documentation has not yet been supplied. I am kind of guessing my way thou... 

I am to say the least disappointed I feel like a test pilot /BETA tester for B&O. New SW and APP documentation has been promised for months now. 

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Geoff Martin
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Hi Klaus,

I'll send you a private message to get some details of your setup so that we can straighten things out...



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