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Align volume

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ibg001 posted on Wed, Nov 7 2018 6:31 PM

I have several B&O products both ML products and NL production connect via Beolink Converter (BLC).

Is there anyway to volumes from the various sources.

In the main room I have a Bevision 8-40 setup in V.option 2. This is connect via ML to the BLC. So on the BV-8 I can for instance press Radio and then it will start TuneIn from my M3 speaker (NL product) in the office since this is configured in the BLC. This works fine. The issue is: If i see TV on the BV8-40 and adjust the volume to the level I want and then later press Radio when I instead want to hear Internet Radio then the volume is very high.

The BLC is configured with ML Role as Audio Master.

Can the volume somehow be aligned (adjusted) anywhere? On the BLC or the volume distributed from the M3?

I also have a Besound Essence (NL product) in the setup. Form the BV8-40 TuneIn Radio from the Essence can be selected by the source N.Radio. Here the volume will still be high compared tot TV sound on the BV8.

Do not tell that I just can turn the volume down. I want to align the volume. And do not tell me that I do not need the Essence. The Essence is mainly for Radio and streaming to passive speakers in the Kitchen via a Beolink Passive connected to the Essence via Powerlink.

I hope someone has found a way to align volumes.

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I think what you want to do is have the BV8 volume start lower in Audio Mode than in Video Mode?

If that's the case then (I could be wrong) Start up by pressing Radio, then Menu, then goto teh sound settings, adjust the vume to the level you want and press store. Just a guess but hopefully that would store the audio volume to be lower than the video volume.

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You cannot store volume settings independently for audio sources and video sources. 

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