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My first Beogram 1700 - do I have a short or need a re-wire?

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uktexan posted on Thu, Oct 25 2018 5:59 PM

Hi All,

So I've entered into the world of Beogram's, couldn't be happier. Picked up a 1700 w/working cartridge from a charity shop, very cheap. Works fine but being honest this is the oldest turntable I've ever owned and the first one I've had in 25 years!

So I'm getting a bit of hum in the line so assuming there is a short or frayed wire somewhere. When the bottom is taken out and I touch somewhere metal, it goes away (so I think that's the right diagnosis?). 

Bigger problem is the sound fades, or goes mostly single channel. If I give the centre of the platter a fonzie-style tap, it goes away and the sound is flawless (outside of the hum). That I'm not clear about what it could be. The strands (not the right term, the super thin copper wiring that terminates in the arm) seem intact, so not sure if a solder point is getting weak?

Really appreciate this community! Helped me get up and running quickly, My 1700 has wood damage but once I sort out the wiring I plan on restoring that. Will look amazing.


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