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How to set volume levels and power state using BLGW

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Lars_ posted on Mon, Oct 22 2018 12:50 PM

Hi all,

I was quite lucky to be able to complement my exsting Setup (BS2 and a Shape /w Essence remote) with a "second life" BLGW, which I have reset to factory defaults and started adding some macros for testing. I would appreciate if you could correct me in case I am on the wrong track... What I would like to achieve is that when volume is adjusted on any one device, the other one sets itself automatically to the same volume. Also when one of the two is switched on or off, the other one should switch itself on or off, too.

Can/should I use STATE_UPDATE for this purpose? The volume can be set e.g. by the following macro:

Main/*/AV renderer/BeoSound Shape/

Main/Shape_Wohnzimmer/AV renderer/BeoSound Shape/Volume level?Level=25

Then cloning/adding this macro for each volume level between 12 and 50, and for each device. Is there a better way than one above to achieve this, making sure volume levels are identical on all devices at all times?

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You're correct in the understanding of the STATE_UPDATE for network link products this is exactly what it is supposed to be used for. I myself found the online status sometimes unreliable (not checked recent updates) because my BV11 would sometimes report online when it wasn't. I guess this could have been background software updates or the likes.

So instead I used the online and specific source to trigger macros. So for example, Selecting source Sky TV would turn on the Sky box automatically. Great for one who uses a matrix because PUCs can no longer control power automatically.

That aside, you would need to have a number of different macros. One to detect online of the BS2 and trigger the Shape and via versa and then another set which detected Standby in the BS2 and did the same for the Shape (btw I have neither of these products). Standby is easier because its a defined function on the BLGW.

For the volume control, I think this is going to be a pain. While the BLGW can adjust volume up and down by one increment the trigger requires a set volume level. Therefore, I think you would need as many macros as volume levels you required, which could be a lot. Cloning is available but would still need to edit the trigger and command for each.



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