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Wireless 1 signal is really not stable. Any suggestions?

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danielshen posted on Tue, Oct 16 2018 5:58 AM
Dear all,

I have a pair of wireless 1. Even put in the same room, the sound in receiving side is not stable. It’s like every 2-3 minutes, the sound quality will be reduced, then sound will come back. Of course, the 2.4G WiFi is also open in the same room.

Do your guys have any suggestions to improve the wireless 1 sound quality? Some special position for wireless 1 to avoid the interference?

Many thanks!


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Stan replied on Tue, Oct 16 2018 3:25 PM

I had a pair of wireless 1s that worked great for about 4-5 years (had to reset them from time to time for no apparent reason, but they mostly worked), then they started misbehaving.  First, I'd have to re-pair them every few months, then I could not pair them even when all were in the same room with the router.  I saw a 2nd hand pair that was pretty cheap so I bought them.  They worked for another year, then same thing.  I tried different combinations of old and new (they must all have the same software) and found a pair the seemed to work, and they did for a while... until they didn't.

and then I gave up and bought an Essence, and then a Chromecast connected to my BS9000.  When I want to listen to music just in my link room, I use the Essence on it's own.  When I want to synchronize music for the whole house, I use the Chromecast + Essence.  Sorry, no more house wide TV, radio or CD, but Spotify or Deezer is usually just fine.

When my original pair first got flakey, I spoke to a service center and they were not excited to attempt to fix them.  They said that these units are temperamental and even if they got them working in their service center, they wouldn't necessarily work in my home.  This is when I decided to buy the used units as they were cheaper than the estimate to fix my original ones.  My guess is that there's some components that go "out of spec" as they age which causes the units to no longer synch, but this is just a guess.  I was never able to find any magic (and I did try many different positions).

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Daniel,

If there is any way that you can run the cable directly and remove the Wireless 1 units, that will always resolve the signal issues (sorry, I bet you knew a cable guy would say that!)  Wireless 1 isn't a great solution, it suffers from interference with other devices in the 2.4GHz band, ie. microwave ovens, bluetooth, wi-fi, etc. so it is probably best kept as a last resort where no other solution is possible.......

Kind regards, Steve.


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Jeff replied on Tue, Oct 16 2018 5:26 PM

I've had similar experiences, my Wireless 1s work for a while then stop. Just recently my main one I use between the living room and dining room, after working for a couple of years, just stopped. The one in teh bedroom stopped a year or so ago and I've not done anything about it as I hardly used it, but since I have to play the replace and re-connect game I'll play with it too. I have a number of these so have a couple to replace and see if that works. I have to break down and hardwire I think.


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