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Beovision 11 Black Screen help

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Doris657 posted on Fri, Oct 5 2018 6:07 PM

Hi everyone


Hoping someone can help me here !

Bought a Beovision 11 from a reputable dealer and it has been fine for a couple of weeks.

However, suddenly the other day the picture disappeared leaving a totally black screen but still full sound from the programme I was watching.

Turned it all off and left it overnight , switched on the next day all seemed fine until an hour in same again, picture disappeared leaving a black screen.


Has anyone had this and what needs to be done to rectify.


Many thanks in anticipation 



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Was it on tv-tuner or hdmi? My BV11 made the same thing the other day (never seen before), but I turned to Hdmi and back to tv-tuner and then everything was allright. Have you tried to take the power from the tv - wait a little - and then turn it back on power again?

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Pat replied on Sat, Oct 6 2018 9:41 PM
Hi Doris,

Is backlight present?

If yes, this is most likely LCD panel. Also, there is a small chance that pcb49 BLD has some fault or cable between digital video engine and the lcd. I doubt the fault is caused by DVE.

Ask you local dealer to contact you with the local repair center.
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