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Connecting Beolab 4000 speakers to a Beogram 1700

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CanadianBEOLAB posted on Thu, Sep 27 2018 3:13 PM

I am trying to connect a pair of Beolab 4000 speakers to my Beogram 1700 turntable. The speakers have the pre-amps built inside so i am wondering if i can plug the turntable directly into the back of one of the speakers then power link across to the other speaker directly from the back of the first speaker?

From my basic knowledge, i think i need a receiver/master control unit to control everything. But i am not sure what i should be getting and how to connect it all together. 

I also want to be able to play music off my phone via Bluetooth.  

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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Welcome to Beoworld!  You will need a music system or pre-amplifier with a volume control connected between the Beogram turntable and the speakers to allow you to control the volume and to boost the level of the turntable.

This can be either a classic B&O music system (eg. Beomaster 1900), a newer system (eg. Beosystem 4500) or a non-B&O music amplifier (eg. Cambridge Audio Topaz AM1).  Ideally, a system with a phono pre-amp built in, a volume control and Powerlink or RCA pre-out sockets fitted would be perfect, but any system can be made to work.

Once you know which system you wish to use, please let us know the details and we can give you more specific advice.

Kind regards, Steve.


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