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Core 2 with Transmitter 1 issues

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Alexhaard posted on Thu, Sep 20 2018 8:41 PM

Just got my new BeoLab system, ever. Was aiming for a smooth wireless setup, but really can't get anything to work out properly. 


I have an LG TV connected with the optical cable to Core 2, then from the PL1-soccet an PowerLink cable to the Core 2, and an Essence remote paired with Core 2. Speakers wireless connected to Transmitter 1. I have four BL17 and one BL19. 


Starting to doubt these products even are compatible with each other?! 

The only sound I'm able to produce is the radio from the Core 2 using the mobile app, but when playing it's on max volume and can't be turned down. Neither from inside the app our using Essence remote. Spotify doesn't seem to find Core 2 as a speaker at all, but I've been told it should?! 


There's absolutely no signal at all from the TV, even when manually choosing Optical as source. 


Since the volume is at max all the time I'm not even sure I'm getting sound from all four speakers plus the sub, since I even can't be in the same room when playing that loud. 


Please, help!! Is this even a possible setup and if so, how?? :) 


Many thanks in advance! 


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