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is it necessary to have beolab transmitter and receiver to make Beosound 6000 and 8000 connect wirelessly to 3rd party AVR

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Dhanuvk posted on Fri, Sep 14 2018 12:39 PM

Hello All,

Maybe im not the first one to ask this question, unfortunately i couldnt find any thread which was disucssing my queries. In case you see if it is already discussed please point me to the link. Thank you.

I recently upgraded to B&O from B&W speakers, and i still have the same setup with B&O speakers now. I have:

> Marantz SR6006 AVR which has pre-out 

> Beosound 8000 as front and Beosound 6000 as rear and 7.2 as my center speaker

> have pv1 subwoofer

My project now is to make the B&O speakers connect wireleassly. Atleast 8000 and 6000 ones. I checked the option of Beolab transmitter and receiver. It comes bit expensive as i will have to have 4 receivers. Is there any tight requirement that the wireless transmitter and receiver has to be powerlink ? please educate on this. Can i use any available Wireless transmitter and receiver ? If yes which one would you suggest.

Aprreciate your time and patience to go through my query. Would thank you tons if you suggest me a solution fitting in my budget of less than 500€. Thank you in advance.



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Dante replied on Fri, Sep 14 2018 1:18 PM

I haven't tested these, but reviews says they do a nice job for full range speakers.

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Thank you Dante for the reply price is fare enough. Will try to check it.

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hello Dhanu,

Welcome to Beoworld!  You can get superb sound quality from these speakers via a wired connection, but trying to make a cheap wireless link directly to the speakers is likely to ruin the sound quality.

I have tested a lot of different wireless option for use directly with Beolab speakers and then only ones that I would recommend are those that use wi-fi instead of bluetooth (eg. Airport Express, Google Chromecast Audio, or B&O's WiSA Transmitter 1/Receiver 1).

Out of these, only Transmitter 1/Receiver 1 will work for surround sound, the others are stereo only.  Hence, the simple answer is "No, there is no cheap option for wireless surround sound".  For cheap, high quality surround sound to these speakers, please use cables.  If you need any help finding the right cables to get everything working, please ask and I will be happy to help.

Kind regards, Steve.


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