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Beolab 8000 or Beolab Penta for Movie/Music

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bincheng posted on Wed, Sep 5 2018 4:51 PM

Hello all, 

I am totally new in Beoworld and does not so much about Bang Olufsen products.

But recently I sold my Linn Majik DSI plus Ninka speakers and started to find some replacements.

The reason why I sold my really good Hifi system is due to 

1. The sound from the speak when watching movie is not attractive.

2. Linn K600 cables are too thick and look not tidy in the apartment.

3. The speak does not look so modern and appealing.

Therefore accidentally I found Beolab 8000 by its luxury design and astonishing look.

By diving in the forum of Beoworld, it is known that Beolab 8000 is not good at bass which people suggests Beolab 2/11. I am afraid that it is over my budget. Then I found Beolab Penta which I found the price is quite similar in the second hand market. But the appearance is a bit less attractive. Since I will connect to Sonos connect, I am worried that the display of Beolab Penta will not work at all.

My desire points of my new system:

1. Suitable for movie and music, music performance should be close to Hifi system

2. Nice, modern appearance

3. Possible to connect to Sonos Connect or Bluesound Node 2 since I want to stream my music through airplay wirelessly.

A lot of things are personal and subjective and relative, so any comments are welcome.


Best Regards,

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Not to dis or anything, but he should be informed about the issue with the Beolab 8000 when aging.

Repairing it yourself takes some skill.

Fair enough. However, the Pentas would have even more drivers to worry about wouldn’t they? A lot I see on eBay actually are sold with foam rot, while I have yet to see any BL8000s being sold with foam rot. Not say they don’t get them, I suppose that is the issue with any old speakers. I went through an Infinity vintage phase... with those, forget about it! Foam rot haven. B&O speakers seem to fair better.

From what I have heard, the Pentas are superior in sound, but the design is a little dated, but that would be the only con.

bincheng, another vote for the BL8000 from me is that later on, you can add another set for Surround or Rear... or match them (stylistically) with BL6000.

Connecting them all is a puzzle at first, but it becomes very easy after youve been around Beolab speakers for a few weeks. I have 8 beolabs connected to my TV, all triggered on and off from a 12V trigger off the Yamaha. Nothing too difficult.

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___ replied on Fri, Sep 7 2018 9:38 AM
Repairing foam rot on Pentas is easy.

Repairing failed electronics inside 8000’s due to the isolation destroying the electronics; not so easy.

I had surround setup with Pentas. Best thing I ever had.

But this discussion is not going anywhere.

OP will get 8000’s Big Smile
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I think I will go to Malmö which is close to Denmark to have a look at Beolab 8000 MK2 to check the condition and listen to it.

I am sorry that I dont know about 12V trigger.

I probably will think about to add Beolab 2 in future if I buy Beolab 8000 this time.

Steve said I can add Beolab 2 to the Beolab 8000 and Node 2, as follows.  The Beolab 2 subwoofer needs a powered cable to generate the trigger signals that would normally be sent from a B&O television:-

The Beolab 8000 speakers will then plug into the two output sockets on the Beolab 2 using standard Powerlink mk.3 cables (one cable is needed for each speaker):-

Peter Pan
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Bincheng - I recommend.

/ Peter Pan

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This is the perfect choice to make watching movies on mobdro tv application and you can also download it where I just found it:

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My set up is very similar to what you're looking at, in that I currently have a pair of BeoLab 8002 (similar sound to 8000 mk2) with a BL 2. Interestingly I had a Bluesound Node 2 at some point but ended up replacing it with a BeoSound Core. I found the Core had slightly better audio quality than the Node 2. The bass seems a little punchier with the Core vs. Node. I don't recall now, but with the Core you don't need a separate trigger for the BL 2.

Also, if you want to use the Optical connection from an Apple TV. You can use the Apple TV 4K and there are many HDMI audio extractors that will split the HDMI video and audio. They are pretty cheap on Amazon and work well in my experience.

My current BS Core use case is set up to take an optical input from an Apple TV 4K using an audio extractor (Monoprice) and the Core is connected to a BL 11, which is connected to BL 6000s. This set up is in my bedroom vs. the BL 8002 + BL 2 which is in my TV room (connected directly to the Sony TV's variable line out output - the Sony OLED TVs have this, not sure about others).

I love the bass from the BL 2. Some people say it is too slow for music but that hasn't been my experience. It compliments the BL 8000 perfectly.

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