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No Flames - My experience with

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Raffaele Sgherri
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Raffaele Sgherri Posted: Tue, Aug 21 2018 9:03 AM

Hi all,

I bought from MoreThanAV a BV7-40 mk6, a Beo4 and a BeoLb 7.1 almost 2 years ago. I'm from Italy.

The Beo4 and BeoLab 7.1 are mint, all great and as expected. Perfect experience, perfect products.

The BV7-40 had issues and ultimately is now dead (panel broken, no repair options available :( ). No flames/blames intended, just my plain history to elaborate the loss.



* BV7.40 came packaged with original box from B&O. Perfect, as expected, Model type and serial are the ones we agreed. Perfect as well.

* First issue: The package is a full size pallet, the delivery guy just left it on ground floor (not to my apartment). Quite disappointing, but not to blame the B&O reseller.

* Second issue: The TV came with no paper manuals, the back plates are from an Mk1 and not a Mk6 (diagrams shows just SCART inputs, different layout, ...). They fit as well, but is annoying to know.

* Third issue: I had the TV cabled by local B&O shop, to wire all 5.1 speakers in the wall, and when first we switched on the TV we saw strage stuff: errors raised in service menu, master link not working properly, SCART input with color issues, ... Reported the issue, the only option I was given is to sent the TV back - not to have it checked and serviced locally by B&O - and I did not. Too complicated. I had paid in full upfront, not willing to send the TV back to UK from Italy and wait for unknown time for feedback. The shop was absolutely against this approach, we came to some argument. Time to answer emails varied form minutes to weeks, openness to understand my arguments possibly never surfaced.

* TV was fixed, some hardware replaced by B&O directly and all billed/tracked. The TV was then perfectly fine and worked flawlessy for almost 2 years... the panel broke 2 weeks ago, but I cannot link the two issues.


My learnings then:

* Had open discussions with the reseller owner, and I'd have loved openness for local B&O shop support path, which to me is just fine and to him is unacceptable. We had a trust issue, but I have to say that we were disagreeing but not "yelling" each other. We agreed we strongly disagree. I suggest anyone to cross check what the terms for support/warranty are, especially if you are far away internationally.

* I'd never bough without full clarity on money guarantee a large item internationally. Handling return should have not happened, but now I know may be needed so would not do anymore.

* One item was great, one was faulty. May be it was a total accident, I cannot tell if I'm just the only one.


Rob - Danish AV
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You bought from someone overseas, they cant offer a personalized delivery service that the local store would likely offer. It was packaged and delivered safely, cant ask for much more than that. Think about the delivery driver handling your TV without knowing what it is exactly.

Manuals are not mandatory, it all depends what the seller ended up with when they purchased the TV, thankfully the internet is there and it a manual is easily found, the back covers not matching isn't ideal but at least some were supplied.

The seller would prefer the TV to come back as B&O service would have cost him a lot of money and its easier to just return, refund and fix himself, or use his own service contacts

Its just odd to bring this up after 2 years use of a TV you bought on the second hand market. Its damaging to the sellers reputation having his business name in the forum title.


As I've explained to others, If you want the full 3 year warranty, personalized delivery service and the full Bespoke B&O experience, buy brand new.

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bramble replied on Fri, Mar 22 2019 10:59 AM
Totally agree rob.

Beovision 7 40 mk 5 ,beovision 6x3,   beosound 3000, beogram 3300 , 2 x lc2, 2 x beocom 1401, beocom 6000 x 2,  5 x beo4, 

, 4 x beolab 4's, form 2, h2, a2,a1 and a beolab 2 😀😀




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