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Advise on BeoSystem 3

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Raffaele Sgherri
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Fucecchio (FI) - Italy
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Raffaele Sgherri posted on Tue, Aug 21 2018 8:25 AM

Hi all,

I'm in the market for a BeoSystem 3, after my beloved BV7-40 crashed ( :-( ), so I can replace it with a Bs3 + non B&O panel.

Few options I see, and I'm looking for advices:

1. Connect all inputs to BS3 and the panel to the HDMI output: pros: all controlled via Beo4, just alike the BV7 I had

2. Connect all inputs to the TV (getting a good one) and use digital output to feed the audio to the BS3 to drive the speakers (and the CD player via MasterLink): pros: new formats supported by TVs versus the aging BS3, but Beo4 can only control volume.

3. Should I only look for BS3 mk3 (newest) or a BS3 mk2 can do as well - as I do not care about 3D and DVI -> HDMI connectors are available?


Any advice?


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frog replied on Mon, Aug 27 2018 6:33 PM

Get a suitable HDMI switch that is either IP or IR controlled. Connect that switch to the New 4K HDR TV using the existing HDMI cable (hopefully works)

remove HDMI source connections (Apple TV, Sky etc.) from Beosystem 3 and plug into switch.

Connect SP DIF audio cables from sources into Beosystem 3

Use raspberry Pi to handle switching by intercepting signal from IR eye (still connected to Beosystem 3)

Use serial connection from Beosystem 3 to raspberry PI to signal TV on/off. (if necessary, use a HDMI CEC injector - from Pulse 8 to switch on/off TV- switching the HDMI switch on/off may be enough)

I'll lose the screen curtains, but not much else. The audio will route via the Beosystem 3, and the video via the switch. I've already completed the code for the serial on/off function and HDMI CEC injection, so would just need to map the commands coming from the IR eye to the HDMI switch.

Raffaele Sgherri
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Fucecchio (FI) - Italy
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This is well thought, incredible and clever!

I'm impressed, may be in my next iteration (or life) can go that path. Really, sounds clever!


I'd say that just be aware that a CEC injector exists is a great news for anyone interested in TV on/off (I'd imagine most requested feature :) ) I had no idea they existed.

My current plan is to simplify and skip the BS3, and get a TV set with HDMI-ARC connected to the Almando 5.1 Decoder appliance. I'll lose the Beo4 and 7.2 capabilities, but I can drive my current speakers with no other components, has already Rj45 outputs, allows me to input other sources (Sonos Connect, to name one) and it cost less than a BS3; having a BS3 just to process audio is a bit underpinning it.

I was evaluating a dedicated AV processor with pre-amp out but connecting my old PowerLink based speakers to the coax outputs is less lean than with the Almando box, that can drive the on/off switch signal automatically.


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