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Newbie in Need of Help Fixing Beogram RX2

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esap57 posted on Tue, Aug 14 2018 10:53 PM

Hello all!

I'm relatively new to the world of turntables and Bang & Olufsen, and my Uncle recently generously gifted me his old Beogram RX2 (type #5833). It's in fairly good condition with the cartridge (an MMC 5) still in tact.

Unfortunately, I've run into a number of issues that I was hoping someone could potentially help me through. Upon first playing the turntable, I discovered that the tonearm would move to the record as it began to spin, wait there momentarily and then stop, returning back to rest as the record stopped spinning. In doing some research on this issue, I discovered a video ( which said this issue could be fixed by cleaning the two operation switches underneath the turntable platter. I attempted to do so with nail polish remover (an old Beoworld post – – recommended doing so), yet was still experiencing the same issue as before.

In further attempts to clean the switches, I moved the tonearm operating mechanisms (which are next to the operation switches), which appear to me just as white gears. In doing this, I caused the turntable to begin playing while I was reassembling it. I discovered that in fixing the original issue I had messed with the tonearm operating mechanisms in such a way that it completely threw off the tonearm's functionality. 

After further attempts at fidgeting, there are two issues that occur: either 1) the tonearm either hangs so low in its stopped position that the stylus rests on the platter (I don't even attempt to play it since I imagine it will just drag the stylus); or 2) the tonearm will appear normally at rest, yet once I hit play it will move up and down on its way to the record –– dragging the stylus on the platter –– and ultimately bump into the lip of the record as it arrives too low. With this second issue, if I lift the tonearm it will be able to get to the record and begin playing –– although in doing so I'm essentially just dropping the needle onto the record. Also during this second issue while the record is playing, one press of the Cue button will cause the tonearm to move up and back down again, and pressing stop will cause the tonearm to go up and down haphazardly while moving back to its resting position, potentially damaging the stylus.

I did calibrate the counterweight beforehand, so I don't think that's part of the issue here. I think it's more so an issue with the proper positions of the two white gears/tonearm mechanisms. Attached is a picture of the said mechanisms underneath the turntable platter. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'd simply love to just get this turntable up and running! Thanks for your time, to whomever reads and responds.

Forgive me if any of my terminology is off!

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